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  1. Suzanne Donkers  16. Oktober 2018 um 16:15 Uhr

    Hello Lutz,

    Many thanks for your help and inspiration. I’ve been baking your breads in tins and the result is great. I let them ripe in my cellar, at 18 c and shape them for the tins after about 20 hours, then they ripe in the cellar for 4-6 hours. This way I can bake batches of great tasting breads, all natural too. You inspired me to bake and I am in the proces of creating a small home bakery, where I bake ‘your’ breads for others too. Fantastic!

    greetings from The Netherlands!

  2. Lutz GeißlerLutz Geißler  25. September 2018 um 20:32 Uhr

    Yes, it’s possible. But you should steam the oven.

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